Alternative Forms Of Medicine

Alternative medicine is the practice of healing like that of medicine but unlike medicine not backed up by scientific research or experiment, these practices are untested and untestable. This type of medicine has been carried among people based on superstition or supernatural forces.Years ago, when the mechanism of human body was not understood people used to consider the state of being sick as a form of demonic possession and gods wrath, but as time went by some curious individuals prodded for the real reason of being sick and thus emerged the real medicine which has a basis. Although present medicine is prevalent some still resort to these other forms of medicine, actually they are not considered real medicine but has been coined the term pseudo medicine.Such practices are acupressure, acupuncture, balneotherapy, ayurvedic medicine, ear candling Sydney and reflexology and etc.Balneotherapy is the form of treating disease with bathing.

This is one technique used in spas. The therapy employs the use of hot or cold water, massage by moving water, stimulation and relaxation by water. Water that is used here are mostly reinforced with minerals like silica, sulfur, selenium and radium. This type of mineral water bath is used in spas. Its associated with the treatment of arthritis, skin conditions. Before considering this form of treatment you should consult with a physician. Scientific research has shown that this method of healing has not been effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. There is no evidence to back up the effectiveness of balneotherapy.Ear candling another form of alternative therapy with proposition that it would make better the general health.

This practice uses something called ear candles which is made of a hollow candle, one end of the cone is placed in the opening of the ear and the other end is lit. So, a patient is made to lie on their side and a hollow candle is passed through a plate (to avoid wax spilling on to the patient). The people who practice this claim that the lighted edge creates a negative pressure that draws out earwax and dirt.Above all the claims this practice is still condemned among the medical community, in one of the journal papers it states that there is no scientific basis to these claims but there are plenty of complications due to these practices.Acupuncture is the penetration of needles in different parts of the body in order to relieve pain, this kind of activity does not have any scientific basis at all but is still prevalent among the publicAbove are some examples, due to the lack of evidence scientifically these practices carry a lot of risk so whatever kind of healing procedure you like to turn to its best to go to something that’s reliable. Go right here to find out more details.