Common Causes Of Fire In Commercial Areas

Fire in residential places is one of the reasons of our stress. But, have you ever thought that fire can also break out in your workplace? Fire in commercial areas is very much common as you already know that fire in non-residential buildings had killed and injured many people.
Although with the help of today’s new and advanced technology, we’ve quite been able o prevent fire in commercial and residential buildings, it’s still very important that we should know the causes of fire in commercial areas so that we can prevent and protect ourselves and our business in the worse situations. And it is equally important for us to contact commercial electrical contractors Perth at the soonest possible time to handle any fire incidents in commercial areas.Fire in commercial buildings depends mostly on the type of business. For example, if you have a manufacturing business, it is more likely to face such a situation for there will be many electronic equipment and machines. Therefore, there will be chances of short circuit which will finally lead to fire. If you run a food business, it is even more common. So, a basic idea about the common causes of fire in non-residential buildings is needed for all of us. Here are the causes: 

  • In most cases fire take place out of small things, such as water heater, coffee maker, etc. These are the most common causes of fire in commercial buildings. Lack of maintenance and complete ignorance lead to the ultimate tragedy. Electric machines that are overused or overheated can also set the fire. Hence it is always recommended to schedule routine maintenance of your commercial electrical appliances by a reputed electrician.
  • Sometimes, small mistakes of you and your staffs can also lead to fire. The carelessness while plugging many wires into one extension cord is again a mistake you should be aware of, as this could lead to the ultimate damage of your business. An unextinguished cigarette butt near an electric cord will again set the fire. If the flammable components such as papers, woods etc are stored in a same place near the smoking area or near the electric room in your office building, it’s going to encourage the fire to spread easily.
  • In some cases, people intentionally set fire in order to destroy your business or harm your staffs. This happens when a customer or an unsatisfied staff or any other person with bad intentions wants to take revenge and set fire in some particular places in your building where the fire is easy to spread.
    So, these are the common causes of fire in commercial buildings. And if you want to avoid such dangerous situations, you need to be aware of every minute thing that can set fire.