Cool Bathroom Ideas For You

Washrooms also require a lot of storage space, especially if it is where you do your laundry as well. So when you are constructing one for your home always make sure to think of the storage space beforehand. Consider the above and make sure to avoid them when you are building your own! Designing the home space has not become limited to only a bedroom or living room in today’s modern interior designing trends. Now even something as simple as a washroom is also given much prominence when designing. So here are some cool designing ideas for you to try out yourself.

Rocking it with bathmats

Here the idea for designing a bathroom remodel Melbourne is where two sinks are set out on either side with a bathroom-mat-model tile floors set up at the front. To give it a French touch look for the ‘Monsieur’ and ‘Madame’ styled tiles.

A chandelier

Who says chandeliers should always be set out only in a living room? Be unique and find an interesting chandelier to hang in your bathroom to give it an out-of-this-world touch. If you are a ship and pirate fanatic, then you should certainly look for one that is shaped of a crystal ship. Use such different bathroom designs Mornington Peninsula and give your home a modern and unique touch.


Stripes are something that everyone enjoys. So combining that in to your washroom is another interesting way of mixing interest and design together. Find wall tiles that are of stripes and place them strategically to decorate the bare walls. However, make sure that you carry out the design throughout while also spacing out in the necessary areas to ensure that the pattern doesn’t break.

A mix of all

Another designing idea that you could incorporate in to your washroom is going all out with a fusion of florals, gold and even prints. Trick is to make sure that they match and combine together with one another in sequence. So if you are using a stand up tub, have the stands and even the water holders and taps painted in gold, while the walls papered with floral prints and the floors with another striped designing decorating the floors.

Zebra stripes

Stripes like mentioned previously is a really cool idea that you can incorporate in to your washroom. However rather sticking to any old stripes, go for zebra prints. This comes especially in handy when designing a kid’s bathroom. Combine the black and white stripes with red shade to balance out things and bring out the contrast of stripes against something plain. In addition to the above you could also go old school and have simple backgrounds with antique fittings to not only bring out the old feeling but also to add in to a much trendy vintage touch. So consider the above and design your washroom to suit your interest and needs!