Make The Best Natural Cleaning Products At Home



If you just need to clean your house and you do not want to use the chemicals because of the dangers of these then the best way to clean your house and disinfect is by using the homemade best natural cleaning products in NZ which are easily made from the ingredients available in your kitchen or retailer shop and these not only cost, you less but also keep your environment safe and free from all kind of extra chemicals. Although even the natural products could react dangerously if you combine it wrong and therefore, you have to understand which product is used for which task and only combines those to make the cleaning or disinfecting product. Following are some of the items that you can use in the cleaning of your house.  

All purpose best natural cleaning products: 

In order to make this you need the white vinegar which is best disinfectant found in nature, some water, lemon and in order to give it beautiful scent some essential oil or rosemary. All you have to do is just combine these by taking one part of each and then leave it for one week. Once the week is passed you can use it to clean the stains, smudges, trash cans. The rosemary would give it a good smell and the lemon increases the cleaning power.  

Kitchen best natural cleaning products: 

Baking soda is one the best natural cleaning products because first it is very cheap and easily available and is found almost in the kitchen of every house. In order to make the kitchen cleaning product you just need the baking soda and the warm water and there you have a cleaner to clean your countertops, appliances, this could also work as the odour remover from the below sink area in the kitchen and could also get rid of the spots. To increase the effectiveness, apply the baking soda directly on the stain and leave it for some time and then rinse it with water or some damp cloth.  

Window cleaner: 

If you want a shiny window in your house, you do not need to spend money on expensive cleaning products but you could make it simply by adding rubbing alcohol, cider vinegar and a scent of your choice and you have the cleaner to make the windows shine. One thing you need to take care of in this sense is that you should not clean the windows with this solution on a hot sunny day because this solution dries out very quickly and could stain the window so use it on a normal day with the paper towel or soft cloth.