We are what you would call ‘’the local steel fabrication and engineering professionals’’ and strive very hard to live up to that name which was arrived at after a lot of dedication and commitment to our work. Our team is privileged to serve our local community and beyond, to repair used, damaged, worn or broken machinery and assist you in any ways we can make your ride more comfortable and safe, be it for work or for play. Light duty trucks are the most preferred truck among small contractors andWe know that being the best is almost always associated with being the most expensive and then there is always the exception to the common law and that would be us. We are in no way minting money off our loyal clientele and only want a fair wage for a hard days labour and our clients appreciate that about us. That is why we are the most favoured home grown best stainless steel fabricator.

We specialize in aluminium, stainless steel and general fabrication and that means we are responsible for your trailers, UTE canopies Pingelly, UTE trays and customized accessories for same. We are insistent on using the best materials and state of the art technology in order to give you the best of the service. As avid vehicle lovers ourselves we know that you have chosen us after much consideration and we want to validate your confidence in us. What better way to do that than to ace the job you have given us! In the unlikely event that you are not happy with our handy work we are always at your beck and call to make things right. After sale service is important to us as much as the sale as we have been here long enough to know that, that is what makes you keep coming back.Our line of work required us to speak to a lot of the guys who drive the ultimate macho wheels; the trucks.

Toyota land cruisers, Hilux’s, ford rangers and Mazda BT5OS, we have worked with them all. We know how them guys like their wheels to be the coolest and that is why we have the options such as the wind off jack for extended height and the roof top tent for the extra special view from the top for UTE canopies. If you require any of the above or stainless steel fabricator or have a superbly awesome idea of your own for your truck. Call us, we can make it happen for you.