Wedding is one of the unavoidable phases of your life. It is something that will change your life forever. To make your wedding memorable, you have to select a right venue. All venues are not meant to be booked. Things to be noted – At first, you have to estimate your budget. You have to calculate that how much money you have to spend on your wedding’s catering services, flowers, wedding function venues Melbourne and lightning and so on. You can make a rough list of your guests. See that how many guests can actually attend your wedding. It is not necessary to include those ones in your guest list, who are far away from your town or stay in another states most of the times due to work purposes. You can keep your list of invitees short to spend less money on each and everything. The shorter will be guest list, the less money you have to spend overall. You can hire a wedding planner to help you in this case. You can hire a wedding planner in a reasonable price. Surf net to know that how many wedding planner are there in your locality. If needed, you can also ask these planners about the best wedding venues in your locality or nearby places. small wedding venues melbourneThe place – Think that at which place you wish to get married to your partner. Some people have the idea of destination wedding. If you want to do destination wedding, you have to keep certain things in mind. You have to book a wedding venue in another place if you want to do a destination wedding. Moreover, you have to select florists and caterers and so on. All these things are not easy. You have to think of your guests too if they can come or not to your destination wedding. You have to book many hotel rooms in a decent or popular hotel. You must book many hotel rooms at least 6 months earlier before your wedding day. Check out the place’s hotels, wedding venues and transportation facilities too. Other vital facts – Parking area is something that you must think of while choosing a wedding venue. A perfect parking area must be present near your wedding venue. Many guests will come to your wedding venue from far off places in their respective cars. If no proper parking place is there near your wedding venue, then your guests would be annoyed with you. More helpful tips – You can ask your friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues and so on before making any decision. They can give you references of good and well-known wedding venues.