The Tips For Beginner Drivers You Need To Know

Learning to drive can be a scary experience, no matter if you start as a teen or wait until you are older. Despite this, once you get the hang of it, it can easily become a favourite past time – going on a drive alone can become extremely relaxing. Here are some tips to help you with the very first lessons:

  • You are learning to drive – this might seem like something extremely obvious, but it actually is a pitfall many beginner drivers tend to fall into. Once you begin attending, the notion that you cannot fail your trial exam (and the stigma associated with failing a number of times) can put quite a heavy pressure on your shoulders. Thus your thinking can shift from ‘wanting to learn to drive’ to ‘wanting to pass the trials’. This is a dangerous train of thought, because driving is not something you will do for your exams – but a skill you acquire for life. Always make sure to learn with the intention of becoming able to drive by yourself after your exams.
  • Everyone makes mistakes – it can be somewhat rattling to have your driving instructor hoppers crossing scold you for a mistake, more so if it is something grave like an accident. However, you should learn to put your mistakes behind. Learning to drive is not easy, and everyone will make mistakes on the road. There is a reason why you have an ‘L’ plate – you are still in the process of learning. The instructor will scold you only for your own good; he or she is trying to help you after all. Never let mistakes get the better of you on the road, for this can make you lose your focus and cause you to falter yet again.
  • Footwear is crucial – when you are learning to drive, you need to get a proper feel of the pedals, or you can make some serious mistakes. Many instructors will often recommend you to either go barefoot (that is, wear some easy to remove footwear, such as flip-flops or sandals), or wear shoes with thin soles. The ability to feel the reaction of your vehicle is especially important if you are planning to drive manual cars, which have a delicate clutch balance.
  • Understand how the gears work – another important point for manual cars is understanding how the gears work. You should have a proper idea of where each gear is, and be able to change gears without looking at them (i.e. your eyes should be on the road). Coupled with the correct timing to your clutch pedal, proper understanding can allow you to smoothly change gears at the right time.Driving-school-car

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